How it Works

Selling a race entry (a "bib"):

Post your bib

Find the race for which you have an entry, set your price and give us a few other details so you can get paid. Post your listing in the marketplace so all the world can find it.

We’ll let you know when it sells

No need to constantly check back; we’ll let you know when someone buys your bib. Of course, you’re always welcome to pop in to keep an eye on other listings and adjust your price as needed.

Transfer the bib

After your bib has been purchased, there’s one more step for you: Go to the race’s registration platform and transfer your bib to the buyer. We’ll provide a link to the reg platform and the buyer’s email address to make it as easy as possible.

Get paid securely

Proceeds are placed immediately into your PayPal account, the most secure and trusted vehicle for payment processing.

Buying a race entry (a "bib"):

Purchase a bib

Search the marketplace for bibs using filters such as race name, distance, location, date and selling price. Grab the one that works best for you.

The seller will transfer their bib

We’ll notify the seller and instruct them on their next move: To execute the transfer in the race’s registration platform.

You’ll receive an invite to register

Once the seller makes the transfer, you’ll get an email from the race’s registration platform inviting you to register.

Register for the race

Click the link in the email from the race’s reg platform and follow the steps to register. And that’s it—the transfer’s complete and you’re officially registered to race!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Bib” is shorthand for an entry or registration in a race. There is no physical bib that changes hands. When you flip your bib to someone else, you’re canceling your registration in the race and specifically designating that it go to someone else, all of which happens electronically.

Not just yet. Bib Flip is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can find one another, and where the sale of the bib is securely executed.

The last step of the process is for the seller to release the bib to you via the race’s registration platform. We send the seller an email instructing them to do so, and once that’s done, you’ll receive an email from the registration platform inviting you to register. After you complete that registration, you’ll be officially entered in the race.

In most cases the transfer process works by cancelling the existing runner’s registration, and the incoming runner completes their own registration, making their own selections such as T-shirt size. Bear in mind, the race may have a cutoff date after which T-shirts and other giveaways are no longer guaranteed. Always check the race’s website for those details.

Yes, Bib Flip charges a small processing fee and the race itself may also charge a registration transfer fee. Please refer to the race’s website to get a full understand of any fees they charge, including which party is responsible for paying (the existing or incoming runner).

We supply the seller of the bib with the email address you used to register with Bib Flip. They in turn pass that email address onto the race’s registration platform when they initiate the transfer, so the email will go to that address.

First, a reminder on the process: Once you purchase a bib, we alert the seller to go to the race’s registration platform and release the bib to you. The registration platform will then send you an email inviting you to register for the race.


If it’s been a minute and you still haven’t seen that email come through, try the following:

• Check your email spam folder—sometimes emails from unrecognized sources end up there
• Contact the seller and remind them to complete the transfer process in the race’s registration platform
• Contact the race’s registration platform to find out if the existing runner completed the transfer process

We always start with assuming good intent, so the first step is to contact the seller directly to discuss the issue. If you do suspect fraud however, you should contact the proper authorities and file a dispute with us. Although the transaction is ultimately between the buyer and the seller, Bib Flip will do what we can to help resolve the issue.

Yes (nearly)! While the processing fees will still apply, simply choose a price of $2.00 (the minimum for a listing) when offering up your bib to get it into another runner’s hands at the lowest possible cost to them.

Many races have a fixed window of time when they allow transfers to happen. At some point before the race, that window closes so that the race organizers can finalize their registration list and other associated details. To ensure the seller has enough time to execute the transfer in the race’s registration platform and the buyer subsequently has to time to register, we take down postings 24 hours before the race’s transfer window ends.
We only work with races that have an official registration transfer process in place. We do not allow bibs to get posted for races that don’t allow transfers, and we don’t condone the passing of bibs from one person to another outside a race’s official process—it creates enormous liability issues, it messes up the race results and frankly it’s just bad juju to give or sell your bib to someone without following the proper process.

More and more races are allowing transfers as a convenience to their runners, and those are the only races for which you’ll find bibs on Bib Flip.
We’re always looking for new races! If your race has an official transfer process, please fill out the short form on the Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.
The first step is to get the race itself added to our database. Have the race director of the race contact us to get the race properly set up, and remember—only races that have an official transfer process can be added.
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